Tom Wareham


News - The Green Man of Horam: The Life and Work of Walter J C Murray.

Walter John Campbell Murray was well known in Horam, East Sussex, as the Head Teacher of Murray's School.  He was also a devoted naturalist, writer, photographer, lecturer and radio broadcaster.  His best known book, 'Copsford', still has a small but devoted cult following.


In this book I present an outline of his life and work, and argue that a close reading of his books provides strong and hitherto unrecognised evidence of his mystical relationship with Nature.


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"An illuminating and important investigation into the 'lost' work and life of Walter Murray,  landscape mystic, writer, broadcaster and pioneering 'nature writer' - if ever there was one. In this considered and thoroughly researched portrait, Wareham pieces together his writing and biography with a commendable passion, uncovering - in this time of schism - the thoughts and feelings of a man who saw '...the brotherhood of life in all living things'.


(Rob Cowen - Common Ground, Skimming Stones: and other ways of being in the wild)