Tom Wareham

Murray - Conclusion

My book on Walter Murray is now available on Amazon - but I am continuing to research his life and work. For this I am extremely grateful to have already made contact with former acquaintances and family members.  I will be continuing this work and will publish the result in due course.


I would certainly urge everyone to read Copsford. It is very accessible because Murray wrote of his experience at Copsford in a way that can appeal equally to everyone and which offers a special vision which is intuitive to us all.  At one point he even refers to himself as morphing into a 'Green Man' in the Weald - and as such he was connecting simultaneously with an ancient past with which we can identify and a present Nature with which we can connect.  Copsford gives us a vision of a meaningful immersion in Nature and allows us to feel the enrichment it brings.  However it is also a haunting book, because the world it depicts has already vanished or has largely done so. And this is part of the book’s continued importance. It offers us an alternative to our materialistic urban existence and  reminds us of what we are losing.




[Please note there is also a 'Copsford' Facebook page and group, where you can find more information and images about Walter Murray and Copsford - including Scott Felton's video of his visit to the site of Murray's cottage today]



Tom Wareham.

January 2016

Copsford and Walter JC Murray