Tom Wareham

Frigate Commander

Frigate Commander is based on the personal journals of Graham Moore, a young officer who became one of the Royal navy's star captains.


Moore's personal journals are a goldmine, but had been ignored until I managed to track them down in the course of my research.


The journals are the unique survival of a naval commander who was intelligent, politically quite radical (both in his politics and attitude to the service) and a true Romantic.


Written with great candour, the pages are packed with astute observation, detailed description and - at times - heart rending honesty.


Those interested in Nelson's navy will find extraordinary insight into the organisation as seen from one of its brightest witnesses.  Moore rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous officers of the period, and his personal observations are remarkable.


To my mind though, the best thing about the journals is the way that they bring the people of that time back to life.  We learm of their foibles, their entertainments, their love of literature and of love itself.


The book has been warmly reviewed and  I share everyone's affection for Graham Moore himself.

Frigate commander