Tom Wareham

Brian Crutcher - Biography

This book was something of a departure from my previous work - being a biography of the speedway rider Brian Crutcher.


As a boy, Brian was my sporting hero.  His career was comparatively short but spectacular - and I knew comparatively little about it.  However, sports commentators of the 1950s referred to him as 'the World Champion that Britain never had'.   He was also one of the youngest riders ever to compete in the World Final.


Working on the book enabled me, for a change,  to explore more recent history and record the voices and memories of those still living, who had participated in it.  I was also able to work closely with a living subject, which was a fantastic experience.


One  reader left this very gratifying comment on Amazon's webstite:

"This book was hard to put down ... woven together with style and real feeling. I had to duck the flying cinders in some chapters. ... I got to like this man (Brian Crutcher) even though I have never met him ."